Redirect Issue Resolved

July 18, 2016
There has been a problem with one of our partners that has, regrettably, resulted in links on publisher sites being rewritten and redirected. We have disabled the affected code until this is fully resolved. All features work as intended and without issue, the only thing missing is the what's being copied stats, once the issue is resolved these will be back. has worked with Tynt since 2009 to bring you stats about the top phrases and images that were being copied off of your site, they provide a great service and we were able to work with them to provide a small subset of what they provide to users.

Recently, we got some publisher complaints that links on their sites were being redirected through the domain This immediately raised red flags as our widgets are specifically tailored to ensure the publishers site is never modified in any way. Once we determined that the affected code was coming from the Tynt copy and paste stats JavaScript code we immediately disabled the code in all widgets, and it remains that way as of this posting. We will re-enable the copy and paste stats as soon as we have resolved the issue with our partner.

If you see any redirects, empty your browser cache and reload the page, browser cached versions of the widget code may still load the affected code. Also, if you've copied the widget Javascript code to your own server, please point it back to the original location (ie.,,,, or so that you ensure you are not loading an old version of the widget code.

Please contact us if you are experiencing any problems.

Once again, apologies to all of our affected publishers, we are here to help and absolutely want to make sure our widgets provide the best service possible and that includes never manipulating your page content.