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The short answer is: lots of things!

We are focused on bringing you the best real time analytics for your website or blog possible. From the very basic tools showing the number of users on your site at the current moment that we started with, we've expanded to bring you real time visitor mapping, PRO analytics, and more - with tons more coming down the pipeline!
We have many different styles of widgets, but they all collect the same stats stats. The difference between the types of widgets is how they appear on your website. The classic and small widgets display the current number of users on your website, and they appear in your webpage wherever you place them in your sites HTML code (or blog template). The tab widget also shows the current number of users on your website, however it floats along the browser edge so it is always readily available. The map widget shows a small map of your current and some historical visitors.

When clicked, all widgets lead back to your stats pages where all of your stats are available. If you do not want the widgets to link back to your stats pages, take a look at our PRO Accounts to remove the link, password protect your stats pages, and make the widget invisible.
Nope! At least not for our free accounts, all you need to do is grab a widget code and install it on your site and you will begin collecting real time stats right away.

Our PRO Accounts do require registration, but it is super quick and easy to sign up.
We pride ourselves on providing some of the best customer support in the industry and are always happy to hear from our users. Want to contact us? Just use this contact form and we'll get back to you as fast as possible, often within a few minutes.

We always write back, if you didn't get a response please check your spam or junk mail folder. Please ensure that your spam filter is configured to allow emails from email addresses to avoid any contact issues.
We offer a basic API with our PRO Accounts. This allows you to retrieve some of your PRO stats in JSON or XML format for use in your own dashboard, programs, etc. Your API key and information can be found in the API section of the "Settings" section of the PRO Control Panel.

Want a completely hosted custom solution to do real time stats for your application? We can do that! We offer custom solutions built on our massively scalable infrastructure. Contact us to discuss your needs and our capabilities.
You can create an invisible widget code that is not visible on your site with a PRO account. Free accounts are not available with an invisible widget option.
With the PRO accounts you can enable an option in the settings section of the Pro Control Panel to make your stat pages private. When this option is enabled you will be prompted to login using your PRO username and password before you can see your stats. NOTE: if you are logged into the Pro Control Panel you are automatically logged into your stats pages so you may not be prompted to log in. You can always test this by closing your browser (or clearing your cookies) and going directly to your stats pages, you will be prompted to login if you enable private stat pages.

It is not possible to make the free account stat pages private.
We do our best to make the site and services available to as many users in their native language as possible. In order to do this we utilize the Google Translate API. While this usually results in very good translations, it is not always perfect and there will likely be some minor errors in the machine translated results provided by the Google Translate API service. If there is a major error, please contact us to let us know and we'll do what we can to fix it.

We do our best to auto detect your location and language, but you can always change it by clicking on the flag icon on the top left of any page in our site.

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Think there is another language that we should offer our services in? Let us know!

Support Languages

We are currently only able to accept email support inquiries in English. If you submit an inquiry in a language other than English we will do our best to answer it but we can not guarantee anything.


There are some sections of the site that we can not translate or that must remain in English only.

Official Language is developed and originally published in English, reasonable efforts are made to provide an accurate translation. The official text of this site site and services in English and will always be considered to be the accurate version.

Language and Translation Notice (available in English Only).
Browser Extensions
The browser extensions allow you to instantly see the current number of users on your site(s) right from your browser, with no need to visit your stats pages or your website.

Currently the extensions are available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
To use the browser extensions you'll need the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. You will also need a widget (free or PRO account) installed on your site to collect stats.

Once you have the extension installed you'll need the unique code that identifies your site so that you can configure the extension. The easiest way to get this code is to go to your stats page and to look in the browser address bar, there will be a 4 to 12 character long alphanumeric code, that is your site ID.


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