Getting Started

All of our widgets in one spot

Every website is different, so we've created many different types of widgets to fit your needs. Check them out below!


The widget showcase

Click through the styles below to find what you're looking for. Remember, there is no signup required. Simply copy and paste the widget code into every webpage to enable stats.

Speed & flexibility

Our newest widget, the dynamic widget, pure CSS and JS.

  • Infinite Colors
  • Two sizes
  • Fast loading
  • Flat Design

Goes anywhere

This is our smallest widget. It fits perfectly no matter where you want to put it!

  • Tiny size
  • 80x15 pixel standard

The original

The very first widget we made. Easily the most recognizable version.

  • Classic design
  • 81x29 pixels

Like the original but in color

Exactly the same as our classic widget, except you pick your own colors!

  • Customize the classic colors
  • 81x29 pixels

Stick it on top

Pin it on the edges of your screen

  • Always on top
  • 9 positions

Embeddable map

Show your users where everyone else comes directly on your site

  • No flash
  • Resizeable
  • Selectable themes
  • Selectable pins