Tab Widget Mobile Browser Changes

December 17, 2011 Christopher
Hi All,

We've made some changes to the way the red tab widget is handled in mobile browsers. The tab widget being the one that can be positioned at a fixed location along the browser edge of course, instead of being positioned at a specific location within the page content (like our other widgets).

After consulting with mobile users we've found the number one feedback issue is that in some mobile browsers the tab takes up too much screen real estate when zoomed in on a specific part of a page making it hard to read the content you're interested in. So, depending on the mobile browser you are using, you may notice that the widget does not appear along the browser edge when you load a site with it installed as you may be accustomed to. This is now normal since we've removed the rendering of the widget for some specific platforms/browsers that don't handle it all that well. For you website owners, don't worry the mobile user visits are still represented in your stats.

We'll make more adjustments as we test more platforms in detail, but if you notice any problems or have any feedback, please let us know, we always want to hear from our users and do our best to accomodate everyone.

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