Learn more about our widgets.

Our little widget brings you stats like no one else. It's no surprise that over 17 billion widgets have been served within our first year (and more then 100 billion in our first 2 years!), and climbing fast! If you run a website, blog or a social network, this is a tool you need.

Once you add our widget code to your pages, it immediately begins working for you. The widget will display the number of people currently browsing your website. This is not a page counter, think of it as a 'people' counter. Clicking on the widget brings you to a detailed real time stats pages, which shows:
We know you can't monitor the widget 24/7, so we do that for you. Easily check how many people were simultaneously on your site, down to the hour.
A list of pages people are currently reading. Beside each page the time they spent on it. You can also change the view to see which of your pages are most popular, then you will see how many people are on each one.
Finally, no stats page is complete without knowing where people come from. Our maps pinpoint the location for every one of your readers -- live, right down to their city! Red pins are people who are online right now and blue pins people who were online in the past.
Want to get started now? Simply visit our gallery and select a widget to add to your site. You've got nothing to lose and free stats to gain!