Wibiya Installation Guide

This guide can be used with any free or PRO whos.amung.us account.

To add a whos.amung.us widget to your Wibiya toolbar, simply login to your Wibiya account and add one of the whos.amung.us apps from the Wibiya toolbar app marketplace. Once added to your toolbar you'll begin collecting free stats right away.

Using a Pro Account with the Wibiya Toolbar:

To use your whos.amung.us Pro account with a whos.amung.us app in your Wibiya toolbar, just follow these steps below to tie your Wibiya toolbar app to your whos.amung.us Pro account:

  1. Login to your Wibiya account, and select the "Edit Bar" menu option.
  2. Locate the whos.amung.us app(s) on your toolbar and select the "Edit" option.
  3. In the settings option select the "* if you already have a whos.amung.us account Click Here" link.
  4. In the next page add your Pro sitekey to the text box and then click the save button. Your toolbar is now connected to your Pro account!