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Posted by on February 5, 2014
There have been reports of some users reporting that a widget is being added posts they make on their blogs or comments on forums, etc.

This is caused by a browser extension that users have previously installed that adds widget code to comments and posts. The extension often masquerading as Adobe Flash Player (which is not a browser extension/add-on, it is a plug-in) or some other video player type add-on/extension. Users should remove the extension if it is causing them problems, and please contact us with any details so we can get things sorted out.

We do not support adding our widget code to anything other than webpages, adding it to emails, browser extensions, or other software violates our terms of service and is not supported.

Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.
Posted by Christopher on October 8, 2013
It's with great sadness that we learned out friends at Wibiya have decided to shutdown their toolbar product. We've worked closely with them since near day 1 and we're honored to work with them by providing our services through their toolbar - even near the end where we were the only third party service provider on the toolbar!

We wish everyone at Wibiya all the best in their future endeavors.

For our users who are currently using through the Wibiya toolbar, don't worry you can still use our services! Simply grab a widget code from our showcase and replace the site id in the widget code with the site ID your Wibiya toolbar uses (contact us if you need help). By replacing the site id you'll retain all your existing stats.

If you are a PRO user, you can simply generate a widget code in the "Widgets" section of the PRO Control Panel, and install it on your site.
Posted by WAU on August 15, 2013
Don't worry it'll be back very shortly! We're experiencing a problem with a small subset of users accounts and have transitioned those to a backup system while we get things straightened out ASAP!
Posted by Christopher on October 31, 2012
We've identified a very unique and rare bug on some users stats dashboards, where the historical charts we're displaying the same data and not updating (all other stats were working fine). This was due to an edge case where the data was being generated once and not on subsequent requests due to accidentally long cache times.

The issue has been fixed going forward, however some (extremely few) users may still see their charts not updating, in that case please contact us and let us know your stats page URL so we can get things fixed up for you right away.
Posted by Christopher on October 29, 2012
We've had reports from a few users that when they try to browse the Internet, they constantly get redirected to our site.

This is not something we are doing.

This is due to a piece of malware on your system (typically a rogue Firefox or Chrome extension) that is using our services in a way that we do not allow or approve of. Our terms of service only allow our services to be used with the code supplied from our website with a website only and not within any other applications, such as a browser extension.

We do offer two official browser extensions, one for Chrome and one for Firefox, neither of which will ever redirect you when installed and used, they simply report the number of users on your sites without you needing to visit the stats pages.

How to fix: You simply need to disable browser extensions you have recently installed, they will not be called, we have seen some masquerade as an Adobe Flash update or YouTube plugin or similar. You may also wish to run a malware scanner on your computer such as SpyBot Search & Destroy, or AVG - both of which offer free solutions.

If you have any problems, please contact us with as much information as possible (including the exact URL you are being redirected to) and we'll work with you to track down what is happening.

You can rest assured that none of our widgets or services can reveal any personal information about you whatsoever, it is just not information we have or will ever have. All of our widgets when installed on your site will act normally and will *never* redirect your users.